The Ignite Team have an incredible energy. YES, we actually care about YOU and your goals.

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Antoni Pawlak

Boxing for Fitness
Weight Management
Strength Training

Do you believe you are working out at your maximum capacity?

Bored with the same old training routine but lack motivation to change it up?

Do you want to gain fast results but lack the drive to achieve them?

Antoni is just the Trainer you’re looking for! Antoni has strong attention to detail but is also a friendly and patient trainer. He loves nothing more than to see his client’s develop good technique and get fitter.

Antoni also loves to push his clients out of their comfort zone and prove to them that with his motivation and encouragement, they CAN achieve their fitness goals. He is a strong motivator and if you want to sweat and feel the endorphin release from a strong, hard work out, then he is the trainer for you!


Scott Jenkins


Movement Screening
Boxing for Fitness
Special needs training
Russian Kettlebells
Strength & Conditioning

Scott is the Principal trainer for Ignite and has been in the fitness industry for more than 10 years.

He's worked with individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities, assisted clients with armed forces entry testing, helped many with their desired weight loss goals and the list goes on.

If you are SERIOUS about achieving, serious about getting the most out of YOU, then it's time you gave him a call.


Marianne Fuller

Boxing for Fitness
Nutrition and meal planning

Marianne is our amazing and super organised Ignite team member.

Marianne understands EXACTLY what some of you are going through in terms of weight loss. In her younger years she's experienced great struggles with weight management. With incredible strength and courage, she's made the necessary changes in her life to get herself incredibly fit and healthy.

The best thing YOU can do right now is read her blog. Once you've done that, get in contact with her immediately and get the help that you've been looking for.