First of all thank you for coming to my page. I'll tell you about what myself and the team here at Ignite can offer to you and also a bit about me.

So what can you expect with Ignite Health, Fitness and Life? Yes it is a bit of a long business name, but I want to truly encapsulate what we have to offer and also exactly what we are about!

We are extremely passionate about Health and Fitness but also Life in general. I want to get as much out of life as possible. I want to have a "huge life" and I wish to inspire YOU to have the same too. Here's my definition of a huge life:


  • I believe in leading the best life possible.


  • I believe that we are incredibly lucky, in particular if you are living in this beautiful country called Australia.


  • I believe that a vast majority of us have so many wonderful opportunities presented to us in this life. I believe in making the most of as many opportunities as possible, (of course this usually takes a lot of hard work, self-belief and determination).


  • I believe that health and fitness needs to be a massive focus for all of us, in order to live a “huge life”. So moving often, eating well, drinking plenty of water, getting good quality sleep and all matters associated with good health needs to be a top priority in everyone's life.


  • I believe not only working on your health and fitness, but also your mental and emotional “fitness”. A huge life means working on being the best version of you, physically, emotionally and by doing EXACTLY what is important to you in YOUR life.

Our Personal Approach to SUCCESS


Ignite's Pillars of Health and Fitness success

What is this upside down pyramid you say? Well this is what we believe are very important pillars of success in terms of getting to or leading a "huge life". It's our unique approach to health and fitness. Let me explain what the pillars are all about.

Mindset - In the time that I have been training people, one thing stands out the most is MINDSET. Without the right mindset or ability to deal with “life’s emotional curve balls” no matter how amazing the training regime/program or how detailed the nutritional plan may be, if an individual is not mentally equipped to deal with the stresses that do come up, then there seems to be a smaller likelihood of LONG TERM success.


The example I will give is that I have seen people go really well for a while with their nutrition by following some sort of plan. By following a plan generally they’ve lost weight. The thing is when unfortunate events have come up or they’ve had an influx of stress, it’s been really hard for them to stay on track, they no longer lose weight but gain it all back again. It’s been hard to witness and I am sure very frustrating for the individual. The truth is, the plan worked, but the only thing missing was the mindset to go with it. This is why mindset is the base of our success pyramid. You need to create a strong mindset “base” for long term achievement. It’s your best way forward.


So... I am not a counsellor or psychologist but we do our best to talk to each and everyone of YOU, about mindset and recommend ways of improving or building mindfulness from some of the material that we’ve learnt or come across. We encourage ALL to seek further professional help if there are roadblocks that are stopping you from progressing you towards the life that you want!


Belief - This is an interesting pillar for me.

One of the main reasons why I got into the fitness industry in the first place was to inspire belief.

I once had a trainer by the name of Miles Lunde. He helped me take my training to another level, but I also experienced a real “buzz” by training with him. I was working for Woolworths at the time and had been for about 8 years. I was sort of stuck in life, but personal training really spurred me to do greater things. I decided to become a P.T. because I wanted to help others feel exactly what I gained from doing personal training with a trainer. My self-belief was huge at the time and it had changed my life.


Belief is an important component when it comes to getting the most out of your fitness, your health, life in general! You have to get better at believing in yourself and your abilities. We like to think that we encourage all that train with us, to believe in their full potential.


Education - This is what we believe also sets us apart from others in the industry. I’m not going to say that I am “the best” and I most certainly won’t tell you that I know everything, but I firmly believe that I have learnt and been a part of some amazing stuff along the way.


Below you’ll see a list of the courses and workshops that I have attended over time. Does that mean much to you? Maybe not, but the honest truth is that few trainers are willing to put in the same amount of blood, sweat, time, money (do I sound like I’m crying, probably 😅). In all seriousness, the more I have learnt, the better I have become, the more I realise how much I don’t know, but in saying all of this, my clients have benefited immensely!


It is paramount that I do my utmost to educate myself and to educate my clients too. There is a lot to “sift  through” in the health and fitness industry, I want to help you by learning and teaching exactly what is best.


Movement - My goal is to get all into a pattern where movement is like breathing, it’s something that you want to do well, of course often and for as long as you can. Training is not just about the now, it’s something you want to be doing well into your years. Our aim is to get people moving well now and to create a life focused on moving efficiently for as long as you physically and mentally can. A lot of us spend so much time building our future from a career and monetary point of view, but it seems to be coming at great expense, in particular to our bodies.


By all means, work on your financial future, but when you work with us, be prepared to work on your “health and movement bank” too.


Huge life - I was saying towards the top of the page what my definition of a huge life is. A huge life needs to be defined by you. However, if you want a lot out of life, if you are striving towards your idea of success, then I believe that many of the pillars that I have spoken about are of extreme importance. 


Qualifications & Workshops

The ever growing list of workshops and qualifications achieved in my time as a trainer to date. - P.T. Scott

  • AIF Master Trainer
  • Les Mills Certified Body Trainer
  • Thump Boxing for Fitness Level 1 Certification
  • Thump Boxing for Fitness Advanced Certification (Level 2)
  • Thump Boxing for Fitness Super Box & Kick Certification (Level 3)
  • Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification
  • Russian Kettlebell Certification
  • Russian Kettlebell Certification Level 2
  • Functional movement screen Level 1
  • Ido Portal Movement-X attendee, (Adelaide)
  • Ido Portal Movement Meet, (Sydney)
  • Perry Nickelston's Primal Movement Chains
  • MojoMaster's Thrive Time Event
  • AIF most outstanding student, 2006
  • Yuri Marmestein workshop May 2016
  • Centrality Advanced Postural Analysis & Applied Exercise Prescription course
  • Advanced Fitball Certification
  • Senior First Aid and CPR 
  • Currently Studying Precision Nutrition Certification