David Spence

🔥🔥 10 Years Of Training With Ignite! 🔥🔥

A testimonial from one our amazing long term members, David Spence.

"Training with Ignite has been a journey about improving, not just my fitness, but my quality of life.

Scott's approach of quality in movement and strong technique has significantly improved my day to day life and given me the tools to continue to build and improve my physical and mental well-being.

Making a commitment to training with Ignite has reduced my exercise low times, and made it easier to have longer and better exercise highs.

I have used Ignite as my staple exercise diet for over a decade.

With this twice weekly routine have been able to keep my weight at an appropriate level, my injuries to a minimum and found my previous back pains no longer exist.

With Scott and Antoni I have found a fantastic balance of strength training, flexibility, alternative movement and cardio fitness that has me always looking forward to my sessions.

Every session is slightly different, and they are not afraid to try new things with our group, which keeps things interesting.

The sessions are appropriately challenging without being so onerous or painful that I do not want to go back.

Being part of a group means I am motivated to be there and I push myself a little harder than when I might exercise alone.

Fitness sessions with Scott and Antoni have become an important part of keeping my quality of life high.

Dave Spence."

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Svana Franks


Many thanks to Svana Franks for her ongoing dedication and focus to training and in particular, her personal HEALTH and WELL-BEING. It is an absolute pleasure training you Svana and I am grateful for being able to help. Here is Svana's testimonial:

"I've been training with Scott for almost 3 years now, and believe he is one of the most experienced and committed trainers around. I started training once a week in a personal one on one session as I felt my fitness and movement was a struggle in my very physically demanding job.

I also had some health issues with high blood pressure and borderline diabetes and Scott and I worked together to help me focus on my goal to achieve better movement, a healthier lifestyle, higher energy levels and more importantly my desire to reduce my blood pressure medication and reverse my Type 2 Diabetes.

I must admit that I had seen better results after I added in an additional group training session and I'm proud to say that I no longer take medication for High Blood Pressure and my Diabetes is nonexistent.

Scott is very focused on my goals and makes every session challenging (and somehow fun) and he is always professional, reliable and punctual.

Importantly he always ensures my technique is correct to avoid injury and that my personal goals are being met.

Scott also recently recommended that I undergo Matt O'Neill's Metabolic Jumpstart Program.

I found this program excellent as it provided me with some great, easy nutritional plans, recipes and support that helped me achieve my goal of wanting to lose 3 kilos.

I thoroughly enjoy working with Scott and would recommend him to anyone considering or wanting to improve their fitness, health of personal goals.

Svana Franks."


Ryan Edwards

Fellow trainer at Goodlife, friend and all around great guy! Ryan has been a fantastic client over the years. He's been very dedicated to the process and a pleasure to train.

He like everyone else, has had his fair share of ups and downs, but he has remained strong in an industry that is honestly very tough.

Ryan has stayed committed, followed the process and as a trainer "walks the talk". He knows what it feels like to be a client, to book in training and to turn up every week. I believe it is important for ALL TRAINERS to not only experience being a client, but also to "sharpen their tools" by actually having a trainer for themselves.

Ryan, you've been through a lot lately mate, thank you for your dedication.

Here's Ryan's kind words:

"I first started training with Scott about 4 years ago. My motivation was maybe a bit different to most in that as a new trainer myself I wanted to understand what it was like from a client's perspective. I also understood that while I "knew how to train myself", I would never be able to challenge myself as much as he could. I also find that being able to troubleshoot exercise technique and training strategies is invaluable.

What made me choose Scott was his experience, his balanced philosophy and his no excuses in the pursuit of progress mentality.

Originally I thought Scott was super serious and while he does have a serious side he's very easy to talk to and joke around with as well. It's just how much he cares about getting results for his clients.

He has helped me overcome back and shoulder pain at different times and I have built strength throughout my whole body that makes me feel almost invincible to injury.

The biggest doubt I had before I started was whether I would see a return on the investment of training. I was only just starting my business so money wasn't abundant but I have found that the skills, strength and mindset I have picked up along the way have been priceless. I would not be half the trainer or the man that I am without his guidance.

Thanks Scott!"


Andrew Dodd

I am very grateful for the opportunity to train this guy. He has incredible drive and isn't afraid of hard work. He puts in the work, turns up to training every week and makes minimal excuses. He's busy like all of us, but he knows that he has to make time for his health. Well done to you Andrew, it's a true pleasure training you. Here's his testimonial:

“I am a 47 year old with a wife and 2 kids.

I am a very busy owner of a growing business in the building industry.

At 38, I began to lose my fitness and had no drive. My partner was complaining that I couldn’t keep up with her. At 40 I developed a bad back… I knew I had to do something… I was heading in a downhill spiral quickly.

I met Scott and began training under his personal guidance. He provided specifically designed exercises to improve the physical areas that needed developing. My back muscles have become stronger and I am very glad to boast now that I have not had pain in that area for 5 years. 

As well as developing my back strength, he has provided all round strength and fitness to my specific needs.

Not only has there been a physical improvement, I also have such a positive outlook on life now. My confidence has increased and I have so much more energy to play with the kids now.

I have become great friends with Scott and have recommended many others to receive the great benefits he provides.

Scott has changed my life journey…”

Andrew Dodd, Old Port Roofing



Rhiannon Tabaka

Sheer dedication. She's been through a lot in the last 6-12 months. I know Rhiannon has had some real challenges but she has come out of them stronger than ever.

I have to thank Rhiannon for her dedication to our training community. Rhiannon drives all the way from Christies Beach to attend her sessions with us at Lockleys. No excuses from Rhiannon, she knows what she has to do, to get the work done!

Is it easy? No. Has she thought about quitting? Of course! We all feel like that at times.

Thank you again Rhiannon. You're an absolute legened.

Here's Rhiannon's testimonial:

"Scott has been an awesome motivator for me. He challenges me when I need it, pushes me to get past my limits but he also knows when to be a friend, not just a trainer. His attention to detail in regards to technique is something that makes me respect him as a trainer above all others. Without him I'd have given up and also to mention Antoni too who has been willing to wake me up with a phone call in the morning to get me to boxing class. I couldn't do it without you guys! Thanks."



David Davis

It took a bit of convincing from me to get David Davis to start training with me, but the results have been amazing. 

P.T. is an investment, yes I realise it costs money. The question sometimes we have to ask, what is the cost of actually not taking action? 

If David had said no, if he didn't take the leap, there is a high likelihood he'd still be in the same situation that he was in when we first met.

Maybe you need to stop sitting on the fence, do you need to do more? Do you need help? Hey, if you do get the help, it could change your life.

So read on:

"I have been using Scott as my PT for about 4 months now. I'm 42 years old with a young family and I do long hours, shift work and can spend considerable periods behind a computer at a desk. Rejoining the gym after some time away I realised that I needed some professional help as I didn't want to do heavy weights anymore and I needed some movement and flexibility training and assessment, also some guidance in managing some ongoing joint/neck issues that were having a big impact on sleep quality and keeping me away from regular cycling activities.

Scott really took some time and listened to my concerns and did a thorough evaluation and eased me into a training program. He really spotted some of my weaknesses and with a tailored stretching program combined with ongoing strength work that has produced amazing results. Some days now I am close to being 100% pain free and even on a bad day I would be 80% pain free. WOW this is more than I ever expected and I couldn't be happier with these results. This really is a double whammy bonus for me as I can spend longer periods of time pain free cycling.

Moving forward we are starting to get more into some strength training, kettlebell and looking to do some boxing for fitness workouts, which I am really looking forward to. Originally I just wanted to get pain free and after only 4 months with Scott's guidance i’m there and everything now is just such a bonus and I feel as if I could get back into a condition that I felt was only a thing of the past. 

I would absolutely recommend Scott Jenkins as a personal trainer. He has the understanding and maturity as a trainer that we are not all in our 20s and there can be some limitations but he has the knowledge to work around them and still produce great results. 

I'm really looking to forward to working and training with Scott in the years to come.


David Davis"



Jodie Quinn

Very thankful for this testimonial from Jodie Quinn. I do recall Jodie mentioning that it's the small things that you don't even think about that make a huge difference i.e. being able to move more efficiently or squat down pain free while working. I think that's what good training should enable, it should assist you with day to day tasks. Here is Jodie's testimonial:

"2 years ago I had surgery on my left knee and was found to have bilateral osteoarthritis which made training a challenge. Since working with Scott on strength training and boxing, my strength has increased and my mobility has been so much better. I can now perform Lunges, Squats and Turkish Get Ups which proved difficult not that long ago. I would thoroughly recommend Scott to anyone looking for a personal trainer. Thank you Scott"


Graham Carson

Graham has been training with me for a while now. His schedule has been quite challenging over the years being a bus driver, so fitting in training has sometimes been tough. I, neither Graham would be ashamed to admit that he has lost weight at times and at other stages, gained it all back again. It is a reality for many. Graham has gone through some very tough and traumatic times over the years. He like everyone else in this world has had his ups and downs.

Graham has been in a pattern that we have found hard to break. The great thing as of late is Graham has been brave enough to break that pattern by actually doing something about it. Graham decided to do Matt O’Neill’s Metabolic Jumpstart Nutrition Program. I am very excited to say that over the 4 week period, Graham managed to lose 6 kgs and the best thing is, as Graham puts it so humorously “he hasn't found it yet”.

One of the initial concerns for Graham was whether the nutrition program was easy to follow. Having finished his 4 weeks, he has stated that “it's not as hard as it looks”, which is really good to hear. There is of course some initial “ground work” but once you get into it, it is a good pattern to follow.

So I must congratulate Graham on all of his efforts to date. It has been tough for him, but he’s pushing through and achieving what he wants. He still has a lot on his plate with work and family, but he is persisting. He will need to continue to work on his mindset, which of course affects his nutrition and general lifestyle choices. We both feel that he is definitely on the right track and has a better understanding of exactly the work that it takes, to get where he wants to be.

Well done Graham, keep pushing forward!

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Yasmin Feuerriegel

Scott has only been training me since end of July 2017 & the goals I have smashed since training with him have been incredible. Scott isn’t like any other trainer I have had in the past...he didn’t break me to the point of exhaustion nor did he pressure me to sign up to different diets or groups.

Scott taught me correct technique & took his lessons seriously which I admired as I knew it wasn’t just about the money. Scott unleashed a wire in my brain that I never knew existed- I became passionate about the training & actually making the right choices when it came to diet and yes that included alcohol use!

I eventually signed up to Matt O’Neils metabolic kickstart program (only 4 weeks) & that pushed me further with the correct nutrition choices.

Scott has also taught me about learning to not be so hard on myself & to not expect results straight away, that this work does take time & you need to be patient as well as being gentle on yourself. I love it that much that I wish to become a boxing trainer & become a part of his awesome team.

Bottom line is he knows what he talks about and he walks the talk! I have lost 10 kgs in 12 months!

Scott will help you whether it be weight loss, technique, toning or general ship- shape! In saying all of this, I have had to make the changes- he can’t do it for you! I am disciplined & driven. With the right attitude you can do it! It doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as you keep moving! Give Scott a go and I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed... watch this space!


Ashleigh Taplin

Ashleigh has been training with us for over a year now. Here testimonial is a great indicator of the realities of training. I personally see Ashleigh putting in the hard yards outside of her sessions. It's what has got her to where she is now.