Chicken & herb salad

Chicken & herb salad

Ready in 15 min

Preparation 5 min


● 1 x Chicken Breast 

● 1 x Cucumber

● 1 x handful fresh mint and fresh basil

● ½ red onion 

● ½ packet cherry tomatoes - cut into halves

● 1 x clove of Garlic - crushed or diced

● Olive oil

● Juice of a Lemon

● Coconut oil

● Salt and Pepper



● Marinate chicken in a bowl with the garlic, a few grinds of salt & pepper, fresh lemon (you could add another chicken breast, just add a few more grinds of salt and pepper)

● Heat up a fry pan on low- medium and add a dash of coconut oil

● Add chicken and cook through

● Slice up cucumber, tomatoes, onions and herbs, place in bowl and dress with olive oil & salt and pepper



● If you can, marinate chicken overnight in a bowl; brings out so much more flavour

● Can use Tamari sauce (soy) to add to the marinade

Scott Jenkins