Ready in 5-6 minutes

Preparation approximately 2 minutes


● 1 x cup spinach

● 1 x cup kale

● ½ red onion

● 1 x shallot stalk

● 2 x free range eggs + 1 x egg white

● 1 x tsp coconut oil

● Sprinkle of salt and pepper

● ½ cup of cherry tomatoes

● 1 x large garlic clove



1. Dice up all veg, set aside

2. Heat fry pan to medium heat, add oil

3. Whisk eggs in small bowl, set aside

4. Add the garlic clove, onions and kale

5. Add the rest of veggies, once a little soft add the egg mix

6. Flip all ingredients together, cooking 2-3min

7. Serve and enjoy! Pack the 2nd serve for next day or even for a snack!


● You can add anything to this depending what you like

● Don’t overcook the veg, otherwise you’ll lose the nutrients!

● Add more eggs if you need more protein

Scott Jenkins