Veggie Delight!

Veggie Delight!


● 1x cup of lettuce (any leaves) I use a mixture   

● ½ small red onion diced   

● 1 cup diced tomatoes   

● ½ green capsicum  

● ½ avocado   

● ⅓ crumbled feta (reduced fat)  

● ½ cucumber  

● Handful fresh basil and or mint leaves   

● 1x packet Macros Moroccan Veggeburger (get this from your woolies online shopping)

● Salt and Pepper   

● Drizzle of olive oil and balsamic oil   

● Coconut Oil  



1. Dice up all salad and place in large bowl  

2. Drizzle oil and balsamic over tossed salad and place to side   

3. Heat fry pan to medium heat and add coconut oil   

4. Add 2 patties and cook 2-4min each side or until cooked on both sides   

5. Serve up 1 pattie and a portion of salad  


1. Serve remaining salad in an airtight container for lunch the next day, take the leftover pattie (heat pattie in the  microwave for less than a minute)   

2. You can add celery, carrot and  mushrooms to the salad, depending on what you like!

3. Go easy on the olive oil dressing ;)  

Scott Jenkins