Salmon with Greens (and garlic)

Salmon with Greens (and garlic)

Ready in 10min

Preparation 5min

Serves 1 person (for more people multiply quantities)



  • 1x Atlantic salmon fillet with skin

  • Coconut Oil

  • ½ zucchini

  • ½ bunch of brocollini

  • Dash of water

  • 2x med-lg cloves fresh garlic

  • Juice of a lemon (optional)


1.Heat fry pan on high and add coconut oil spray or a dash of coconut oil to pan

2. Add salmon to pan (skin side first!)

3. Cook skin side down for 4min then flip over cook for another 4min. Turn over and repeat skin side down for 2min (refer to tips for more information) + fry the garlic to your liking then place on a plate

4. Slice up veg and place in container or bowl/plate add a dash of water and cover loosely with cling wrap then microwave for 2min

5. Serve salmon and veg with the garlic and squeeze lemon juice over as a dressing if you desire


I usually do cherry tomatoes with spinach and cook that with the garlic...super healthy and tasty

Salmon doesn’t take long like most seafood, so it is ok if it is a little pink in the middle. If you cook it for too long you’ll burn the skin (crispy skin is good!) but anymore and it will become too dry, you won't love the taste and you decrease the amount of good nutrients into the body.

Some people remove the skin, however the skin has the most nutrients and it is the best part, so try it with sliced lemon over the top.

Don’t over cook your veg!!! The brighter the colour of the veg the better! I steam mine in the microwave as it saves time and water, of course steam them in a pot if you would prefer. I also like mine crunchy if you don’t want to try that just cook a little longer but please don’t lose that colour - that’s all your nutrients!

You can add salt and pepper to taste and you can cook this with olive oil instead of coconut oil

You don’t have to have garlic sometimes I use fresh chilli, depends on your tastebuds ;)

Scott Jenkins