My name is Marianne Fuller and I am almost 34 years old. Health and fitness has been a big part of my life for the last 10 years but previous to that, I really struggled with my health and I was very overweight from the age of 9 through to my early 20s, peaking at almost 90kg.


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During my teens and 20s I had many attempts at weight loss. I’ll admit that it took many years and many attempts for me to realise what it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight, and feel good within my own body. Now I really love being fit and healthy and achieving personal health and fitness goals I continue to set for myself.


Scott Jenkins and I first met through the fitness classes he takes at my full time employment, in May of 2013. I had just had major hip surgery and been on crutches for 9 weeks. I soon joined his boxing classes at Lockleys and my love for his classes grew quickly. Scott asked me to join his team in April 2016 as a trainer and now I love helping run his classes, take one on one PT sessions as well as continuing to be a participant.


What I love most about our classes are the people and this is exactly why I took Scott up on his offer of joining his team as a trainer. We have a real community feel in all the classes ran by Ignite Health & Fitness. And what I want to do is help people within our fitness groups realise they can achieve their fitness goals, just like I have.


I have experienced obesity. I have experienced coming back from surgery. I understand the challenges you often face when it comes to achieving your health and fitness goals and I want to help you overcome them.


So you don’t have it All Together right now when it comes to your health and fitness? Join us at Ignite Health & Fitness and together we can help you achieve it ALL.

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