I'll be having a Merry Fitmas!

Christmas is coming!

I’ve enjoyed Christmas more over the years (in particular since leaving retail, oh what fun it was!)

I’m looking forward to a bit of break and time with the family

No lies told here, I will be indulging

There will be pudding, drinks and a general variety of Christmas fare

With this being said, I still need to be careful.

In terms of training this year, I’ve worked to what I feel is the best of my ability. I certainly don’t wish to ruin my “gainz” by putting too much crap down my throat, or by not moving at all over the holiday season

So these are just a few of the things I intend on doing, to keep myself healthy

This is honestly one of my all time favourite puddings

This is honestly one of my all time favourite puddings

1. I’ll keep getting up early

The only way I could fit in any training on my last holiday was by setting the alarm at 5:30 am and heading straight out the door to do something.

Whether it be running or some form of weight session.

This way I felt I could get on with the rest of the day, not being concerned as to when I would be able to fit it in later

It was also a sense of accomplishment, knowing I started my day early.

I understand totally if this is not your cup of tea on holidays, you know the whole getting up early thing. However, if you want keep healthy or if you want to stay in some sort of routine or to … start one even! Then you need to MAKE the opportunity for it. I believe it’s the only way

2. Try to go to bed at reasonable times

I will undoubtedly have later nights on occasions. I enjoy the weird sense of freedom over the holiday period, with only a few commitments here and there. I must be wary of sitting up too late though, it has too much of an impact on the next day.

I don’t enjoy being too tired and low on energy

In general…

I will be attempting to maintain some pattern/routine over the holidays.

Yes I do love and crave a break in routine, but health is a priority for me, so I mustn’t veer off track too much. So this is why I feel sleep and going to bed at good times is extremely important

3. I’ll power nap when I can, (provided it is granted by the actions of Jaycob and Macey)

More sleeping I know! It’s the whole energy thing for me. If my body is telling me to sleep and there is an opportunity to do it, then I’m going to take it!

I believe a good 20 minute power nap keeps me healthy and is often a good reset for the rest of the day.

Will Jaycob and Macey go down for a rest to let mum and dad have theirs?

Stay tuned 😀

4. I’ll eat simple at times

A smaller breakfast, a simple lunch with mainly raw veg and/or salad and maybe some more veg and protein at dinner will be a wise option for me


Well if I’ve had an indulgent night before or if I have one coming up, you can guarantee my calories will be right up there!

I know I will feel so much better physically and in particular MENTALLY if I keep my food light and fresh.

It’s not just an effort to create some calorie and energy balance. It’s also to top up on important nutrients my body needs.

I want to feel fresh and full of energy coming back to work, not like I’ve hit myself with a ton of bricks! Or pudding for that matter!

A plate full of veg will be my friend several times over the holidays, because it just will need to happen 😎

5. I’ll fit in some strength training when and where I can

I’ll mainly do some locomotion/crawling patterns because I won’t always have access to a gym

If I can’t do a chin up, or can’t find a place to lift, then I’ll crawl

You all love crawling now don’t you?

I won’t need heaps of space, Jaycob can hop on my back to make it harder (not that crawling really needs to be any tougher) and I will crawl and do my weird locomotion patterns until I feel like I have accomplished enough

20-30 minutes of crawling, now that’s a workout!

My strange locomotion patterns. Well it’s one I learned at the Ido Portal Movement X Workshop earlier in the year.

My strange locomotion patterns. Well it’s one I learned at the Ido Portal Movement X Workshop earlier in the year.

6. If we are still having a summer here in Adelaide, I’ll be going for evening walks with the family.

We eat dinner really quite early in our household. Mainly because of the kids. If we successfully pull off the whole dinner and clean up thing, and of course if the weather is good, then we’ll be off on a walk

I don’t need to talk about benefits of walking

It just seems like a good thing to do after a meal and a great way of soaking up some sun and vitamin D

7. I’m going to do my best to squeeze in a bit of reading

In all honesty I believe it’ll be good for my head.

It’ll be a great opportunity for me to de-stress a little and enjoy the holiday season.

I hope you can do the same too

This is it from me so I just want to finish by saying

Merry Christmas everyone, stay safe and do your best to look after yourselves

P.T. Scott 😀🔥💪

Scott Jenkins