Something Truly Amazing

There are 2 main reasons why I left my secure job about 13 years ago to pursue a career in the fitness industry

In a bit I’ll also share my assumption as to why I chose this career path

This first...

I must be honest, the first reason was change. I didn’t want to continue working mountains of unpaid overtime.

Where I worked, many would start at 3, 4 or 5 in the morning and not finish till 6 or later.

Most employees would go home, eat dinner, sit in front of the box and then go to bed to do it all over again the next day

This really wasn’t for me, thus I needed to go!

The second reason was quite significant

It was self belief

Where I trained I made the very fortunate decision to begin personal training with Miles Lunde

Zest Health Clubs, where is all began :)

Zest Health Clubs, where is all began :)

My decision to actually start personal training was basically to improve my current level of training

Look I admit, I was trying to get bigger. I really loved the whole body building thing back then

What I didn’t realise was…

My main “gain” was learning the ability to actually push myself further than I deemed myself capable of doing

This power, this incredible feeling of self belief was something I wanted all to learn and understand

The “powerful assumption” is this though

My father’s actions was a strong contributing factor to my pathway in personal training

I was recently talking to our new member Pete about his and his wife’s Emma involvement in our Boxing & Kickboxing for Fitness class on Saturdays

We also spoke about his daughter Evelyn training in our Kids Class at the same time

I said it is of my belief, their actions are monumental in Evelyn’s development. For not only is there a clear benefit to all family members training at the same time, there is the other benefit of influence

Kids not only do what we say, they do what they see

My Dad dragged me out to the gym back in the day, I did kids classes and Karate when he exercised and now I am out there doing the exact same thing with Jaycob

The hope is with all the parents going to the effort of “packing up” their kids on a Saturday so the whole family can train will bring about benefits which span a lifetime

This is TRULY AMAZING, and I am very proud to be sharing this opportunity with all of you at Ignite

P.T. Scott

Scott Jenkins