Sore Hip Or Back?

Well you’ve got a few options here

There isn’t necessarily a “go to” which cures all

However I believe movement is one of the biggest antidotes to most of your ailments

Here are some points to consider or put into place if you are suffering pain in general

1. Are you going to bed early enough?

Really and truly if you aren’t getting enough sleep then this could be part of your problem

Your body needs to rest, recover and reset on a daily basis. We can debate about it, but it's been said for quite some time we need somewhere close to 8 hours sleep per night

If you keep getting niggles or pain popping up during your training (or even if you don’t train at all) and you aren’t getting enough sleep, then it's likely you’re not helping yourself out

Got pain? Start by trying to get an adequate amount of sleep

2.  Nutrition - do you eat and drink appropriately?

You are what you eat right?

What we eat is broken down and turned into energy or used to fuel our cells. So it is possible if you are eating…”shit” you are going to feel like it too?

I’m not going to sit here and tell you not to have a drink or enjoy a slice of pizza (whatever your vice may be)

However is the “average” food and drink a little on the too often scale and is your body just saying “NO”?

Clean up your nutrition and get some more H20 in and I guarantee you’re on track for a better you

3. Walk this way

I’m going to cover a few things here and you don’t have to agree with ANYTHING I say (in particular if you are someone who wears orthotics)

Be very mindful about how you walk. The next time you have a cappuccino at your local, please take the time to have a gander at some of the walking patterns of the general population

Many tread atrociously!

Poor movement patterns which are repeated will lead to pain or injury. It’s what happens. So consider this, is how you walk a possible link to your pain?

My Osteo is very big on getting people to walk more efficiently. A proper heel to toe gait is something which he recommends

I’ve watched people walk and I see many not being too concerned about their upper body position (in other words they stoop). They might have their feet too externally or internally rotated or they drag their shoes instead of making a clean step

In some instances, the above mentioned cannot be helped. However I believe putting some thought into your gait could be your ticket to less pain

Here’s a couple of vids which I think are pretty good:

Now to the tricky part...

Shoes, orthotics, even the inserts in your shoes. Are any of these literally shutting down your movement?

If I see my Osteo, we will go through a range of motion tests with shoes on and of course without them on. My body moves better without shoes on every time

We have even tested shoes with inner soles in and then taken them out. Strangely enough movement was better with the inner sole out

I’m not a qualified podiatrist, this is just food for thought. I do understand that some of us really need to wear orthotics or shoes a majority of the time. However my Osteo does instruct myself and the clients I refer to him to go barefoot as much as possible at home, mainly for its benefits. I’ve got to say, he is amazing when it comes to healing bodies so I’m going to listen to him as much as I can 😀

I refer you to the findings of Physiotherapist Gray Cook, he talks about his joint by joint theory. To sum it up quickly, going from the foot upwards, there are a collection of joints which alternate the need for stability and mobility

A lack of mobility in what would be classified as a mobile area of joints, can affect surrounding stable joints and force movement where it’s not really ideal

Your back issue could be coming from your ankles, or it could be coming from your shoulders

You just don’t know. However this leads me onto the next part which is…

4. See a good Osteo or Chiro

Do you need an adjustment?


Want some recommendations? Then please contact me for some suggestions

You might be twisted out of shape due to many different circumstances or issues. Your back pain (as hinted above) might not be the source. The underlying issue might be elsewhere in your body

So therefore you need the help of a good health practitioner who can sort you out in just a few adjustments

5. Do the Squat

No guarantees on this one. Of course those suffering from chronic knee pain may need to be wary

However I do believe this has been one of the greatest practices I have ever put into place for my back pain

The squat, PRACTICED DAILY, could be your cure

Please note, I said daily. Yes be careful not to go too hard too soon, but the squat is to be done daily

Have a watch

6. Two exercises for better movement, less pain and more strength

Before you try the exercise in my vid, try this progression first for a while:

Then give mine a shot when you are more mobile

As always, please be intelligent in your approach

We do these exercises quite often in our Kettlebell classes. We can definitely say a majority of hip or lower back issues have been tidied up with some of the mobility and strength exercises we’ve practiced

7. Get up

Last but definitely not least the big question we all need to ask ourselves is are we just sitting WAY too much?

It’s a tough one right?

This day and age it seems there is an incredible demand for productivity. Many of you say you can’t really peel yourselves away from your desks too much

It seems many of you can’t even make time to eat lunch. You have to eat while madly making thousands of keystrokes

I have no right to tell you how to do your job. I just ask you put your health first

You do have a right to move and be healthy though. Our society needs to take more action making this possible even while you’re at work

It’s never too late to move or train, yet the later you leave it the harder it is

Playing catch up with your health and movement is challenging so I urge you all to do something about implementing daily movement now

Hope you’ve enjoyed my little blog

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