More Strength & Muscle With The Squat

I see so many people squatting in the gym day in day out

Without sounding too full of myself, I would definitely say many of us need to improve this movement

So I am asking you whether you need to refine your squat pattern?

Establishing a reasonable movement pattern is paramount to your success in the squat

In particular if you do want to get stronger and leaner

Here is a list of a few exercises to consider and use to improve your squat

  1. Facing Wall Squat

  2. Ankle dorsiflexion

  3. Frog

  4. Goblet Squat (working in the bottom position)

Note these are not the “be all and end all” when it comes to squatting

However in my experience, they’ve worked exceptionally well

Here are the “how to vids” on each of the exercises

If you are going to attempt these please do them in the order I have here today

Try those 4 exercises out and let me know how you go

P.T. Scott

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Scott Jenkins