Why Even Move?

The content in this blog may either be a reminder, a kick up the proverbial "you know what" or new information to you, however, my hope is that you get something out of it!

Until I am presented with evidence which proves me otherwise, I will continue advocating to everyone the importance of leading a life with a greater focus on health and movement because the truth is, I have witnessed the power of it

Today, I give you 5 reasons why you need to keep moving, often

Super Money, Super Health!

For my financially future minded people. I am with you when it comes to creating a life where possibly one day, we aren’t reliant on working our day jobs to get by. However… are your financial pursuits coming at a cost to your health? 

Personally, I am very driven to strive for the best possible outcomes in the areas of my life which are important to me. For example, if I am driven to be a great dad, a great partner, be financially independent, then is it reasonable to say, I also need the health to be able to enjoy these facets of my life?


What you put into your super every week, the nest egg you are trying to create and protect needs to be paired with an investment in your health. 

The investments you are putting away today are for…

Your tomorrow!

As I stated above, the same goes for your workouts too

So let me put it this way, aim to not only be financially independent, but also independent with great health.

Doing it for the kids… the Grandkids even! 

You got kids? Well you need to move for them. Got grandkids, you need to move for them too. Got kids but don’t have grandkids… well prepare yourself for the grandkids which may come along in the future

Grandparents or those on the cusp of becoming one - Although you’ve been through the process of bringing up little ones and you may think you remember what is was like to run after the kids, the reality is… your body has certainly forgotten.

You’ll find when you are asked to look after the little rascals, it’s a bit taxing when you have to chase after them, kick the footy, throw a ball and do everything that “Nanny” or “Pa” are asked to do… 


The question is… how much do you wish to participate?

I guarantee there is not only joy experienced in having and being with our kids, there is joy in being able to keep up with them

We are a part of our kids' future, let’s aim to be a part which is well moving and around for as long as possible

Fight off heart disease, dementia and other chronic illnesses 

In 2017, Ischaemic heart disease and dementia where the top 2 causes of death here in Australia. I don’t think I need to remind you how important exercise is in regards to trying to fend off such diseases. 

However, do we take getting this sick a little bit for granted? 

Well it’s a question which you need to answer


The thing is, some of these conditions are not just a causation of old age. According to the information on Dementia Australia, the latest stats show that the number of people diagnosed with Early Onset Dementia is around 26,000 people. These are people in their 50’s, 40’s and even as early as their 30's

There are definitely lifestyle factors which contribute to the likelihood of chronic illnesses, yet there is plenty of research to suggest (in particular with Dementia) exercising often can delay the onset or decrease the chances of experiencing such conditions

Will it happen to you? Maybe, maybe not. 

Nonetheless, we all need to ask ourselves what chances are we are willing to take in life. 

I know I will continue to do whatever I can to stay as healthy as possible. What will you do?

Life is not linear 

Life will ask you to move in ways you don’t always expect. You will slip, trip, you’ll be bumped, you’ll bump something, bend over awkwardly, kneel for longer than you wanted while digging around in the garden, squat and reach strangely into a pantry or cupboard, in other words you move in ways you're not used to doing. Unless…

You do everything in your power and knowledge to prepare yourself for the unprepared moments

What does this mean you might ask?

It means being prepared to mix up your training a little. Work on strength, some stretching, some steady-state cardio, some higher intensity work, but also work on movement.

Movement might simply be practicing different ways to get down and up from the floor, or practicing some spinal waves, locomotion patterns or even attending a dancing class once a week. In short, you are asking your body to move in ways it may not be used to doing, which is a good thing.  

I’m sure some of you realise, as you age, your body just doesn’t move the way it used to, nor in the way you intend on moving it at times. 

The thing is, you have the power to do something about this possible movement predicament. You have to think and also move outside of your traditional square.

Sure it’s definitely good to be doing our walks or our long bike rides from week to week, just be mindful to gear your body to other tasks too

Your movement is an amazing opportunity

Oh to explore, to learn, to understand, do I sound passionate? 


Definitely keep up your normal training pursuits, but just remember, you’ve got to keep on trying to “use it” otherwise it’s very easy to “lose it”.

Life is full of discoveries and it I believe the movement or strength we can unlock through training, is a worthy pursuit for all

Learning how to do your first chin up, get upside down, dance, strike properly and squatting more effectively are just a few examples of some of the things you can learn or achieve. 

It can be quite fulfilling learning a new skill or movement. Also, it’s not just the achievement which must be celebrated, but the work you have been willing to put in to get there. It can be a journey of self discovery, which I think is of incredible value to all.

Attaining better movement or new movement skills, in my eyes, is a beautiful thing. So today I’ll finish off by saying this:

From a health and movement point of view, your body's a canvas and you have the freedom to choose how want to paint it over time. You have the brush and if you have the will, then make it something truly amazing.

Do you want some assistance setting a better routine for movement in your life?

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